CrimCard Consulting Services is an advisory and consulting firm that provides research, guidance and expert assistance to communities seeking greater efficacy in the political process.  The firm utilizes teams of the nation’s best minds from the scholarly and policy arenas to develop customized, innovative answers to the complex questions of governance and political advocacy.  Its founder and managing partner, Kareem Crayton, JD, PhD, an internationally-respected and seasoned expert on the law, policy, and practice in the political process, observed that interdisciplinary strategic advice on important matters including policy formation and advocacy, election design and implementation, and redistricting increasingly was a scarce but needed resource.  Today’s politics demand the effective management of both policy and litigation, which only an interdisciplinary expert can offer.  For social groups and institutions working to overcome historical marginalization and exclusion, being seen and heard in public fora is critical.  Thus the core mission of Crimcard Consulting is to provide customized tools and strategies for clients to engage in civil efficacy – the power to have meaningful engagement with governance institutions to achieve results that are both measurable and durable.


Making people more politically effective.  The firm addresses projects that involve groups seeking better and more meaningful access to the political system.  The firm does this through research, policy formation, expert advice/testimony, public advocacy, and strategic advice both for the purposes of policymaking and litigation.


• Local/State Governments

• Party Caucuses

• Political Candidates/Incumbents

• Non-Governmental Advocacy Organizations

• Philanthropic Foundations

• Community Interest Groups & Associations


In a world with a dizzying array of rules and procedures, voices in the public discourse can get lost. Important interests can sometimes be ignored. While conventional lobbying is available for conventional and financially-resourced entities, civic efficacy relies on targeted, thoughtful deployment of the talent, ideas, and resolve of people. The point of this firm is to harness these abilities to assure that public processes remain open and responsive to everyone that they are designed to serve.


Unlike a standard consultancy, Crimcard utilizes the best interdisciplinary talent available to address policy questions. Using connections within the academy and the policy arena, the firm organizes small teams of scholars and policy experts to deliver customized guidance. Clients gain the insight of a kitchen cabinet to address concerns that demand specific, thoughtful answers to challenging questions. Clients have access to these teams for their immediate concerns but also their long-range interests in improving their engagement with the political system. The model’s aim is to establish meaningful relationships between the teams and clients; the teams learn from every engagement, and the clients benefit from the experiences.